News | March 26, 2024

Modernising Fleet Insurance Claims: Fleetmaxx Partners With Agile Developments And Artura

Fleetmaxx Solutions, a leading fuel and fleet cost reduction specialist, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Artura Consultancy and Agile Developments. This collaboration aims to revolutionise fleet insurance claims processing with the introduction of the Fleetmaxx Vehicle Insurance Claims App.

The Fleetmaxx Vehicle Insurance Claims App, developed by Agile Developments Group in partnership with Artura Consultancy and Fleetmaxx Solutions, is set to transform the way fleets manage accident claims. This innovative app streamlines the claims process, offering step-by-step guidance to fleet managers and drivers, ensuring accurate and efficient reporting of accidents or incidents. By facilitating swift capture of relevant claims data and vehicle damage assessment, the app expedites the claims process, reducing repair duration and claims settlement time.

Scott Greenhill, Founder & CEO of Agile Developments Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Agile Developments Group is committed to innovation and transformation in the insurance industry. We are excited to collaborate with Artura and Fleetmaxx to deliver a game-changing claims reporting solution that enhances customer experience and outcomes while reducing costs and resource allocation."

In addition to simplifying claims processing, Fleetmaxx Solutions is delighted to offer an exclusive incentive to its customers. Fleetmaxx customers utilising the Claims App will receive £100 toward their insurance excess when making a claim through the app, further enhancing the value proposition for fleet operators.

Furthermore, Fleetmaxx Solutions extends special deals on fuel cards, AdBlue, and vehicle tracking to Artura Group
(Braintree Motor Works, Braintree Insurance Services and Evolution Repair Group customers), enabling them to control and cut their vehicle running costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Sue Florence, the Founding Director of Fleetmaxx Solutions, expressed, "At Fleetmaxx, we continuously seek innovative, value-added products and services to assist our customers in cost-effectively managing their vehicles. The Fleetmaxx Vehicle Insurance Claims App perfectly aligns with our goals, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Artura Consultancy and Agile Developments to bring this product to market."

Businesses can download and register for the app, here or by visiting the Fleetmaxx Vehicle Insurance App web page.

About Agile Developments Group:
Agile Developments Group specialises in developing advanced digital solutions for insurers, brokers, claims management companies, and fleet management providers. Their flagship product, the Agile Claim App, leverages AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics to streamline motor insurance claims management processes, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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About Artura Consultancy:
Artura Consultancy is a leading consultancy firm specialising in providing innovative solutions for businesses across various industries.

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About Fleetmaxx Solutions:
Fleetmaxx Solutions is a leading provider of fleet management solutions, offering comprehensive services to optimise fleet operations and reduce costs.

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