Magazine Article | May 24, 2013

Mobility Takes Logistics To The Next Level

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

By Brian Albright, Field Technologies magazine

Dunbar Armored increased its IT spending from 10% to 25% to invest in a rugged handheldbased mobile bar-coding solution that has revamped its logistics operation.

Visibility is an important commodity for fleet operators, particularly those transporting valuable cargo for customers. Having a detailed view of where a truck is at any given time, when an expected delivery will arrive, and how long it took goods to move from point A to point B not only helps improve efficiency, but also security. That’s especially true when the goods in question are the type of highvalue cargo — namely, bags of cash and other valuables — transported by Dunbar Armored. Hunt Valley, MD-based Dunbar Armored provides armored transportation and security services across the United States through its 80 branches in 27 states. The company has rolled out a dispatch, fleet tracking, and delivery management solution using mobile computers and bar codes that has helped provide better visibility to its customers, while also improving delivery accuracy and safety, as well as generating actionable data on delivery/pickup times that branch managers can use to improve performance.