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MobileDemand Launches Entry-Level Flex 10A With Android Tablet

The new cost-effective tablet helps businesses meet their mobility objectives with the ruggedness and performance required for enterprise-grade jobs. MobileDemand's Flex 10A with Android is GMS Certified and supports Google Play applications.

Cedar Rapids, IA (PRWEB) - MobileDemand, provider of rugged productivity enhancing mobility systems to firstline workers, today announced its xTablet Flex 10A with Android as part of its portfolio of Android-powered devices, adding a lightweight entry level tablet to its rugged product mix. As the adoption of enterprise Android increases, so does the demand for rugged tablets running Android OS. The Flex 10A with Android is a cost-effective durable tablet designed to assist companies with their mobility objectives.

“With the xTablet Flex 10A, we’re excited to enhance our growing and industry-leading line of rugged Android devices. The Flex 10A with Android allows businesses to equip their firstline workers with near consumer grade device technology with ruggedness for enterprise-grade jobs,” says Matt Miller, President and founder of MobileDemand. “The Flex 10A with Android is our first entry-level rugged tablet with the Android 9.0 operating system. It complements the xTablet A1180 10-inch rugged, feature rich Android tablet and the xTablet A680 6-inch rugged handheld, both launched in 2019.”

Android for Business Enterprises
Ruggedized mobile tablets have been a proven core component in many Windows-based IT infrastructures to meet automation and data collection needs throughout the enterprise. With this launch, Mobile Demand is enabling businesses to improve their bottom line—whether they want to deploy budget-friendly industrial mobile tablets to automate paper-based processes, upgrade from consumer-grade devices or need to migrate to Android. Now they can benefit from improved productivity for a variety of new applications, investment protection through increased uptime and allow mobile workers to make better decisions at the point of interaction.

Leading Performance
Industry research reveals the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and managing a disposable consumer grade tablet is greater than that of a rugged computer. An extremely durable protective case and scratch- and shatter-proof screen protector greatly extends the life of the device. Users can drop the xTablets onto concrete and use in dusty areas and still expect reliable operation. The Flex 10A with Android has clever built-in features like a briefcase handle and back hand strap for easy portability along with a patented quick release snap mount system offering various mounting solutions in any environment. An optional keyboard converts the tablet into a fully functional touchscreen 2-in-1 style laptop.

MobileDemand is leading the industry by offering later generation Android OS support, all with GMS and mobile device management certifications. The Flex 10A and xTablet A1180 both offer the latest Android 9.0 with GMS, while the xTablet A680 supports Android 8.1 with GMS.

Manageability that Businesses Require
Requiring minimal IT support, Flex1 0A for Android tablets are easy to set up and manage. MobileDemand expects to attain SOTI certification for the Flex 10A with Android early 2020 and AirWatch certified shortly thereafter. The mobile device management (MDM) certifications make it easier than ever to deploy the Flex 10A into a mobile workforce and offers time-saving deployment configuration, application management, help desk and security control.

Ready for Business
The Flex 10A is Android for Enterprise capable and is GMS certified so the xTablets come standard with Google-branded apps like Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Maps and Google Play Store. Weighing in at only 2.4 pounds, the Flex 10A with Android is a rugged, lightweight device equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, front- and rear-facing cameras, a long-lasting hot swappable battery, and a full-screen 10.1” display, offering the flexibility and portability a mobile device provides.

Empowering the Mobile Workforce
MobileDemand’s ever-expanding line of rugged tablets and cases are engineered to excel across a broad spectrum of industries and enterprise applications without needing to be repaired or serviced. The Flex 10A with Android’s 10.1” touch screen is familiar to users with flexible multi-touch operations that work with a gloved finger or stylus. Users can easily improve invoicing, order speed and mobile transactions, document proof-of-condition and proof-of-service, manage and track inventory, ensure on time delivery or perform quality checks. MobileDemand is committed to ensuring mobile workforces are equipped with the exact tool needed for the precise job they do.

About MobileDemand
Offering a broad family of devices, MobileDemand is a one-stop shop for powerful, all-weather rugged tablets with Microsoft Windows or Android, and rugged cases for Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad. xTablet ruggedized devices are the ideal tools for improving productivity and mobile worker decision making. With a portfolio of ten patents, MobileDemand is an innovator in mobile device productivity to industries such as retail, manufacturing, warehousing, field service, transportation, and healthcare as well as military and other public sectors. Tablets start at only $495. Additional information available at    

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