News | October 15, 2010

MobileDemand Expands Public Sector Offerings With Addition Of MobileFrame Software Solutions For Law Enforcement, EMS, Investigative Services

Leading Mobility Solutions Provider Among First to Develop, Test Public Sector Applications on MobileDemand Tablet PC Platform

MobileDemand, a leading provider of rugged Tablet PCs for mission-critical computing, announced recently that MobileFrame will deploy its leading public sector mobility solutions on MobileDemand's ultra-mobile, rugged mini tablet computers. As a strategic partner in MobileDemand's recent launch of its Public Sector Services Groupand Application Development Partner Program, MobileFrame has developed and deployed its field-ready mobile applications for federal, state and local governments on the MobileDemand xTablet T7000 Tablet PC.

With a focus on public safety, including law enforcement, emergency management, fire investigation, building code compliance, homeland security and other mission-critical computing solutions for rugged environments, MobileDemand Public Sector Services Group has enlisted leading value-added resellers to develop solutions for rugged tablet computers that are field-ready and compliant with current and future public sector specifications.

"We have seen increased demand from public sector agencies for anytime, anywhere computing, with additional emphasis on rugged reliability in harsh environments," said MobileDemand President Matt Miller. "With today's technology, field service workers no longer are tied to a desktop or even a laptop computer. Our products go where they go. They provide reliable performance and exceptional efficiency to public sector personnel that depend on mission-critical computing."

As a MobileDemand application development partner, MobileFrame will offer a variety of pre-built mobility solutions for MobileDemand public sector customers, including: Inspections, e-Citations, Code Enforcement, Repair & Maintenance, Project Estimation, Environmental Enforcement, Asset Management, Time Management, Facility Management, and Hazardous Material Tracking.

MobileFrame has been a leading provider of public sector mobility solutions for nearly a decade, said MobileFrame CEO Lonny Oswalt, "MobileDemand's ultra-mobile, military-rated xTablet T7000, with a full Windows OS and multiple data-input options combined with MobileFrame's revolutionary 100-percent code-free mobility platform provides the high performance and flexibility that field-ready public safety mobile applications require."

The MobileDemand xTablet T7000 rugged, Windows-based Tablet PC ( gives users one-hand operation, providing not only ultra-mobility but additional safety, letting workers, like police officers, keep one hand available and unencumbered. Data input with the tablet is highly flexible, with an integrated numeric keypad, optional QWERTY keyboard, and bar code and credit card readers. These features allow customization to fit the needs of diverse agencies.

MobileDemand is actively seeking application development partners to test and support field-ready applications in the public sector. In addition to providing a test platform for rugged Tablet PC development, MobileDemand provides business development and marketing support as part of its partner program, allowing the companies to provide a complete end-to-end solution for the customer – including hardware, software, support and professional services.

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Mobile Demand is a leading provider of rugged Tablet PC computers for mission-critical computing for public sector applications for health and safety inspections, emergency management, law enforcement and defense ( Other industries include food and beverage distribution, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, transportation, agriculture and utilities. MobileDemand rugged computers provide ultra-mobility and versatility, are built to withstand harsh environments, offer a full 1024x600 resolution touch screen and full Windows 7 OS, and deliver performance at a lower cost to enable greater efficiency and productivity in the field. MobileDemand is headquartered in Hiawatha, Iowa, with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. For more information, visit

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