Magazine Article | June 22, 2006

Mobile Solution Saves Healthcare Techs 20 Minutes Per Call

Source: Field Technologies Magazine
Integrated Solutions, July 2006

Cytyc Corporation is a leading provider of medical products and devices for women’s health. Cytyc has experienced significant growth over the past few years.  This growth put a strain on how efficiently the company could maintain its devices within hospitals and labs to ensure maximum uptime, and the company needed a better process to manage field service calls.  

The company’s initial process involved multiple steps to dispatch work orders, update the parts inventory, and close out jobs. For field service engineers to receive work orders, they called the support center and searched for an Internet connection for their laptops in order to receive an e-mail with job details, customer information, and job history.  Often, numerous calls to the support center were required to verify trouble ticket details and close out jobs. Cytyc was seeing an average delay of 24 to 36 hours for field service reports to be e-mailed back to the support center, where they would be manually updated into Cytyc’s Enterprise System.

Cytyc searched for a complete wireless mobile solution, first defining business requirements to better support field service engineers and the central office. The result of their extensive search was the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and Vettro FieldMaster to wirelessly dispatch work orders and complete associated updates and reports directly from BlackBerry devices.  Vettro FieldMaster is integrated directly with Cytyc’s back end system, providing direct and dynamic connections between the company’s enterprise system and its field workers.

Today, Cytyc’s field service engineers receive new work orders and updates through Vettro’s FieldMaster in real time on their BlackBerry devices, directly from the enterprise system.  Each work order includes full details of the job, including customer contact information, and job history. With one push of a button, engineers can keep the support center up-to-date on job progress as they accept, head to, initiate, and complete the job.  Additionally, field service engineers can seamlessly enter parts used as they work, as well as order parts required for shipment to the customer site.

By eliminating the numerous steps involved in dispatching a job, Cytyc has saved 15 minutes per work order, and its techs no longer have to use a laptop to send data to the head office, saving five minutes in connection and hookup time.

At the back end, Cytyc has eliminated the manual reentry process with an additional 15 minutes time saved.  Field service engineers now use Vettro FieldMaster to gather all the information as they work.  Through this process, the back end system is constantly updated and kept current.