White Paper

Mobile's Most Daunting Challenge: Support

Source: Stratix Corporation
Field Service Mobile Support

A recent white paper, “The Rapid Evolution of Enterprise Mobile,” and two related blog posts on Mobile’s Complexities and The Current State of Mobile explained how mobile became so complicated so quickly. This white paper tackles what most enterprises say is the toughest mobile challenge of all: support.

Nowhere is mobile’s complexity more apparent than enterprise support for end users. Often, IT leaders, who have been consumed with device acquisition and provisioning in advance of deployment, overlook the complexity of supporting mobile’s end users. They often assume that mobile is another technology that the traditional internal Help Desk operation can handle.

From an enterprise perspective, mobile support is not just a large task, it’s a deep one. End users need assistance with their mobile devices, connectivity and access to corporate databases and applications – and that’s just on a normal day. Stratix’ experience managing over 2 million mobile devices daily for our enterprise customers shows that during the first 90 days after a rollout, Help Desks can expect a spike in call volume between 10% and 17%, with similar peaks expected around the time of each upgrade. If all that sounds expensive, it is.