Case Study

Mobile Innovation Enables Industrial Kitchen Equipment Installer To Stand Out In A Competitive Market

Source: Xplore Technologies
3C Comp├ętence Cuisine Collective

3C Compétence Cuisine Collective (3C) specializes in the sale, installation and maintenance of professional kitchen equipment. Founded in 1989 by Patrice Quéva, this family-owned business, currently led by his two sons, Romain and Josian, has become a pioneer and leader in the field, conducting between 60,000-70,000 interventions* per year. Beyond its technical expertise, 3C has also breathed new life into the Ile-de- France region. Its 110 employees maintain a strong presence in schools, hospitals, companies, government departments and high-end hotels and restaurants, with 70 maintenance technicians offering customers a more flexible, responsive, proactive, preventive, and qualitative maintenance vision. The company sustains 25 million euros of revenue between its historical headquarter operations in Deuil La Barre (Val-d’Oise) in the Paris region and the new subsidiary in Amiens (Somme), which serves the Hauts-de-France region.


Streamline, Secure, and Improve Maintenance Operations

3C’s process management has long been optimized via a diverse set of interconnected business tools, including the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that serves as the basis for its digital, collaborative data management system. However, in 2006, company leaders recognized the need to improve the flow and security of processes occurring within the Customer Maintenance department specifically.

At that time, the 30 technicians were required to turn in their handwritten reports, along with paper-based time slips that were then entered it in the back office by a separate activity manager. These manual report inputs then triggered the appropriate actions, such as a parts order, a new appointment with the customer, an estimate or invoicing.