Newsletter | November 6, 2023

11.06.23 -- Mastering Utility Emergency Preparedness And Response


Explore IFS Service Lifecycle Management's transformative approach, unifying digital investments for streamlined operations and superior customer experiences. With decades of industry experience and cutting-edge technology, IFS simplifies complex service processes, empowers your workforce, and maximizes product value. Download resources and see why IFS leads in field service management.


7 Expert Techniques For Maneuvering And Stabilizing Oversized Loads

Oversized loads can be rewarding and profitable to ship if you have the right qualifications. They also can be easy to damage and even dangerous if you’re not careful. In light of these risks and rewards, it pays to learn all you can about maneuvering and stabilizing oversized loads before taking on these jobs.


How Much Can You Save With AI On Field Service?

Discover how trusted AI can bring efficiency to your frontline. Try our cost-savings calculator and see what you can save when you transform your field service.

How Your Systems Training Is Failing Your Field Workforce & How To Do It Right

Effective systems training for field service workers requires a different approach - one that combines interactive training, mobile delivery, and micro-learning content.

Consumer Financing – Why Now, And Why Field Service?

Picture this: You’re at the car dealership finally buying that 2022 Lamborghini Huracan EVO convertible you’ve been dreaming of. However, unless you can drop $200K in cash, you’ll need to do what most people must when buying a car – head in the back to see the finance manager. For major purchases like cars, homes, or college tuition, taking out a closed-end loan is the only way the average person can afford them.

Mastering Utility Emergency Preparedness And Response

Examine the four essential components of emergency mitigation for utilities, exploring how grid management, risk management, work management, and customer care form a framework for resilience.