News | August 15, 2018

ManageMart's Professional Management Software For Over 40 New Kinds Of Businesses

More kinds of business now can use ManageMart to optimize their performance. ManageMart field services management software gives more for a lesser price in order to show its various possibilities

Cape Coral, FL (PRWEB) - ManageMart widens its client base, to help an even greater number of companies to effectively conduct business, our field service software considers unique mechanisms of every business.

ManageMart is not a new player on the management software market.
The company already has a lot of experience helping different field-service companies dealing with primary and secondary business tasks.
Just a week before on 15th August the company’s CMO Antony Chybisov stated that ManageMart’s software acknowledges the fact that every business has its own unique and original challenges.

Do you own a business? I propose to you personally to make sure your business is already in our field management service and we know the set of functions you need to successfully and easily manage the company. Register at and see - it's completely free during the trial period.

And, from now on, ManageMart considers these distinctive challenges in order to make sure that every business asking for help receives the exact kind of help it needs. More than 40 different kinds of business can now depend on the upgraded software. Fortunately, ManageMart does not increase its prices.

Uniqueness of Each Business
In the past ManageMart has cooperated mostly with different field-service businesses like plumbing, lawn-care & landscaping companies. It is now in the past, though the owners of these companies are more than welcome to continue their cooperation with ManageMart. The company values its long-standing customers and loyal clients. But the upgraded software has been developed for business ventures of any kind like companies offering carpet cleaning services, irrigation services, locksmith services, etc.

You can use the same software for many different tasks one certain business faces. But even a HVAC company and a pool service company have different tasks, though they are both field-service businesses. The question is about the fact that one deals with pools while another one deals with air conditioners. The trick is to consider this difference because it is essential for reaching business goals in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

The trick is to admit and consider unique demands of each and every business that needs management assistance software. For example, a roofing technician needs good weather outside to work with a roof or, at least, acceptable weather. However, a HVACtechnician working inside does not depend on weather. There are hundreds such little aspects that should be considered while organizing effective management.

ManageMart upgraded its software for a reason, and, even though it continues to constantly improve its interface and multiply the possibilities, the price stays the same.
ManageMart’s main goal is to show for that a lot of different companies offering various services can use ManageMart field management software, which includes the functions of several competitors services

Managemart knows its competitors like Fieldpulce, GetJobber, BaseCamp very well. Thus, it tries to deliver more because of the increasing complexity and the diversity of tasks each business depends on. ManageMart’s recent update allows it to know for sure what needs to be done with a business to increase its productivity.
We suggest not to pay more than it costs! One business - one software at the best price!

Wrapping Up
All in all, ManageMart’s recent update has truly redecorated and significantly improved its management software. It is now equally suitable for plumbing services companies just as well as it is appropriate for a handyman, photography business, roofing technicians, general contracting management, and many others.
But the price stays the same and it is the best news for the customers, though it took a lot of effort and time to create what ManageMart is now.

About ManageMart
ManageMart is All-in-One field service management software that brings productivity to the next level. The company incorporates daily developments through customer feedback, bringing the best performance to our users. ManageMart specializes in scheduling, invoicing, routing, dispatching, contracting, and many more. Now our client is company in next industries: Self-employments person, Painting, HVAC, Cleaning, Lawn Care, General Contracting, Electrician, Alarm & Secuirity, Pool Care, Pest Control, Contractor, Appliance repair, Pressure washing, Locksmith, Flooring Services, Air Duct Cleaning, Freelancer, Maid, Plumbing, Irrigation, Fertilizing, Holiday Decorations, Event Coordination, Bounce House Rental, Landscaping, Snow Removal, Septic, Aeration & Seeding, Education, Photography, Art Designers, Handyman, Heating and Cooling. Contact us at


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