M6501 Mobile Healthcare Pack

Source: AMobile Intelligent Corp.
M6501 Mobile Healthcare Pack

In response to the market demand driven by of aging population around the globe and health self-management, the mobile healthcare pack M6501 has been launched. Its strap design, easy to be carried to use anywhere. The package comprises a thermometer, a blood pressure meter, a blood glucose meter, and a gateway integrated with NFC identification technology and cloud-based service. It helps people and their family manage daily physical conditions to stay healthy and enhance the quality of life.

Flexible Expansion to Integrate Measurement Equipment

Through the Bluetooth, RS-232, CAN BUS interface to integrate medical equipment which includes blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter, and thermometer, etc., it is flexible to develop an appropriate healthcare pack upon the user's demand.

Cloud Management and Medical Data Analytics

Measure body temperature, blood pressure, and sugar, etc. through the Mobile Healthcare Pack. When the data is abnormal, the system will automatically send alerts to the user's family and healthcare workers in the first place which can help them understand the user's health condition and strengthen the relationship, as well as trace the user's health self-management after leaving the hospital. Also, the data is stored in the cloud for management that can be linked with other medical institutions for data analytics.

The Best Partner of Healthcare

  1. The M6501, Mobile Healthcare Packs, can be placed in ambulances for pre-hospital health measurements.
  2. For health measurements at homes, data can be synchronized to hospital database. Hospitals can master patients' daily medical records.
  3. For long-term care centers, different patients' data can be recorded at the same time and synchronized with hospitals' database to increase the efficiency of caregivers.
  4. For medical examinations in remote districts, the Mobile Healthcare Packs are easy to be carried and used, and the data is real-time accessed to be dealt with.
  5. Applying to communities or public places, citizens can do daily measurements and records without carrying equipment.
  6. These packs set in Rehabus, provide health measurement services, as well as achieve the purpose of Healthcare without boundaries.