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Loadsmith Launches Mobile App For Drivers To Maximize Drive Time & Income

Complete Visibility into Entire Loadsmith Freight Network Empowers Carriers with Maximum Control Over Scheduling, Load Tracking & Billing

Denver, CO /PRNewswire/ - Loadsmith, the leading third-party Capacity-as-a-Service (CaaS) logistics platform for shippers and carriers, today announced the launch of its new Loadsmith Driver App, the first mobile app for truck drivers that provides 24/7 access to view every available load in the Loadsmith Freight Network (LFN) and book loads with just a tap.

Available now in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, Loadsmith's Driver App empowers carriers to maximize their loaded drive time and income by giving them complete control over load scheduling, tracking and billing on their own schedule. And by facilitating the transactional tasks of load management, the app gives drivers and their Loadsmith carrier manager counterparts more time to discuss business growth opportunities and build stronger relationships, rather than focusing on load transactions.

Greater Convenience, More Control
Truck drivers spend countless hours a day on the road, which means they have limited opportunities to book their next load, often handling booking and billing tasks during off hours, in evenings and on weekends. That makes it difficult for them to safely connect with dispatchers and carrier managers to plan loads, often leaving them with idle time—time they're not getting paid.

Not to mention, today's modern driver demands user-friendly technology that helps them do their jobs more efficiently with less time spent on administrative tasks and more time on the road, where they get paid for every mile.

The Loadsmith App solves those problems by putting load booking and management right at their fingertips, whenever and wherever drivers need it, on a single, comprehensive platform.

"With the Loadsmith App, I can plan my entire schedule for the next few weeks, booking every load in advance, which makes my work and my life much more predictable," said Uriel Guizar, CEO at Glo Cargo Inc. "That means I can earn more and make plans with my family because I know when I'll be home and when I'll be on the road. Plus, with so much freight available in the Loadsmith Freight Network, I have more opportunities for loaded drive time, which increases my earnings."

Complete Load Management at Your Fingertips

Built on the Loadsmith CaaS platform, the Loadsmith Driver App allows carriers to:

  • View all available freight in the LFN in real-time to plan their schedules out weeks at a time, if desired.
  • Book loads directly through the app at the Book it Now price or submit an offer for instant consideration and feedback.
  • Real-Time visibility into every load through Loadsmith's integration with Project44 for automated arrival and departure times with shippers and consignees using Project44 geofencing.
  • Submit proof of delivery (POD) and invoices directly through the app to accelerate payment time. Powered by Triumph Pay, Loadsmith's world-class payment system delivers remittance in less than 48 hours from receipt of invoice with an average of just seven days to pay from date of delivery.
  • View a complete history of their work through Loadsmith for tracking and reporting.

"Our aim is to make our platform as simple, seamless and profitable as possible for drivers, and this new app puts everything they need right at their fingertips so they can do business on their timeline," said Brett Suma, CEO of Loadsmith. "With 24/7 access to our entire freight network, the Loadsmith Driver app means we're working for drivers, day or night. And when they do need to talk to one of our carrier managers, they can have real, meaningful dialogue about business strategy, knowing the logistics tasks have all been handled."

In the coming months, Suma says Loadsmith plans to launch a desktop Carrier Portal based on the same data and infrastructure. The Portal will give dispatchers that have multiple trucks under management real-time visibility to see where all of their freight and drivers are at any time in the Loadsmith network.

The Loadsmith Driver App is available to download now in the Apple App Store and Google Play, or by visiting

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