News | April 13, 2006

Linksys Enables Mobile Broadband Customers To Build A Shared Wi-Fi Network Wherever Mobile Service Is Available

Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced the Wireless-G Router for Mobile Broadband (WRT54G3G-NA), which enables mobile broadband users to share their single wide area mobile signal with up to five users via a Wireless-G network. Customers and businesses without a wired broadband connection now have a way to access the internet, share files, printers and other resources.

The new Wireless-G Router for Mobile Broadband is designed to work with mobile broadband data service such as Mobile Broadband on the Sprint Power Vision Network. When a customer plugs their mobile broadband card into the PC Card slot on the router they can turn their wide area mobile broadband connection into a shared wireless (802.11g) and wired local area network for connected users. The WRT54G3G-NA is ideal for consumers and business users that require network connections in areas where wired broadband access is not readily accessible such as construction sites, events, consulting, the armed forces and public safety.

Without a mobile broadband connection data card, the router works as a standard wireless router like the popular Linksys Wireless-G Router (WRT54G) for sharing an internet connection, files, printers and other networked resources.

Malachy Moynihan, vice president and general manager, Linksys home networking business unit said, "We have developed a solution that takes the remote accessibility of a mobile broadband connection and ease of use and affordable costs of a Wireless-G network to offer a solution that solves many challenges and costs associated with setting up a network for multiple users at remote locations."

To protect data and privacy on the network, the WRT54G3G-NA can encode all wireless LAN transmissions with WEP or WPA security. The router can also serve as a DHCP server, and features a stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall to protect networked PCs from Internet intruders and attacks. As with all Linksys routers, setup and configuration is simple through the use of a web browser or the included install wizard.

Product Features of Wireless-G Router for Mobile Broadband (WRT54G3G):

  • 16/32 bit PCMCIA slot WAN interface for Mobile Broadband connection/EV-DO PC Card with hot insertion protection
  • EV-DO connect/disconnect button
  • 10/100 WAN interface and 4-port switch with auto MDIX
  • Integrated 802.11b/g wireless access point with detachable antenna
  • Static and Dynamic router
  • Supports UPnP
  • Configurable through connected PC's web browser
  • Security: Internet Access restriction, SPI Firewall, supports VPN pass-through with IPSec and PPTP
  • Kensington lock
  • Supports Network Time Protocol for synchronizing with a real-time server
The Linksys Wireless-G Router for Mobile Broadband (WRT54G3G) is scheduled to be available this summer through distribution channels and select mobile broadband providers in North America for an estimated street price of $199. A Mobile Broadband connection PC card and mobile broadband service is sold separately.

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