Guest Column | May 11, 2023

Leveraging AR Smart Glasses Solutions: Close Skills Gap, Boost Performance, And Increase Profitability

By Brian Calus, Vuzix Corporation

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has emerged as a transformative force, igniting ripples of excitement across multiple industries around the globe. As enterprise businesses seek to optimize their processes and enhance productivity while maintaining margins, the adoption of AR is on the rise. Among wearable devices, smart glasses are becoming a go-to tool for field service technicians, who can access remote support and information while keeping their hands free and heads up, maximining both efficiency and safety.

Leading companies leveraging AR technology are successfully bridging the gap between their workforce and cutting-edge technology. By utilizing centralized remote experts, the expected 73,500 U.S. heavy equipment technician shortage by 2025 can be overcome, and 63% of best-in-class organizations are already integrating AR into daily operations.

In the manufacturing sector, AR technology is revolutionizing picking and packing, and assembly line processes by replacing traditional paper instructions with digital overlays. This provides workers with step-by-step guidance, remote expert support, and a reduction of errors while also reducing worker training time.

Field service technicians equipped with smart glasses have access to more seasoned members via remote access through the on-glasses camera. A technician in the field has the advantage of instant backup from their team to share their view and receive remote guidance through the heads-up display. They also can access critical information, increasing their overall productivity without juggling their phone, tablet, or papers. The cost-saving benefits of implementing AR technology in daily processes lead to fewer errors and faster repairs, ultimately providing greater customer satisfaction.

AR solutions offer benefits beyond reducing errors and boosting productivity. Embracing AR can help enterprise businesses attract top talent, particularly younger workers who are accustomed to mobile devices and digital technology.

AR technology has enabled manufacturers and field service workers to connect more efficiently with their work. With the continued progression and development of AR technology, businesses that are adopting this cutting-edge technology are sure to stay ahead of the curve.

About The Author

Brian Calus is Director of Sales for Vuzix Corporation.