Article | April 9, 2018

Leveraging API Technology

Source: Field2Base, Inc.

By Howard Chen, Technical Implementation Engineer, Field2Base

API Healthcare Tool

Mobile forms can be so much more than “just forms" to your business. By embedding today’s API technology into your digital forms, you can transform your entire field and home office operations. APIs provide a way to integrate with web services and this is done in innumerable ways.


  • Think of a form as a web browser or even a mobile app where you can receive data from various sources, as well as submitting the data back to the senders. Let’s say a field service representative that is assigned work orders via this form has multiple stops scheduled for the day. The mobile form can integrate with Google Maps Distance Matrix API to calculate the best routes, with live traffic updates, to give your remote workforce the best available options to get to each stop. If a technician wants to grab a quick bite in between stops, the connected form can retrieve the nearest restaurant via Google Places API Web Service.