Article | February 13, 2020

Leverage AI To Move Ahead On The Field Service Maturity Curve

Source: Dista

How efficient is your field service management? How is your field force performing? Is your field service organization mature enough to take the next jump? When does a field service organization decide that it needs to move to the next level and transform its field service management? Are you ready to ask these questions?

Field service maturity begins with a deeper introspection of where you currently are and how you see yourself in the future. Evolution and growth is an integral part of any business that leads to more stability and success. The maturity of your field service is greatly determined by the vision you have towards your service quality. Delivering outcomes that match customer expectations and meet service profitability need more mature processes and strategic decision-making.

Here technology can be greatly leveraged to enhance the efficiency of your field service. Globally, companies are lining up to put huge investments in developing AI/ML enabled processes that lead to greater operational efficiency. Research groups like Gartner, Forrester, IDC and Aberdeen are already saying that by 2022, the investments in AI technologies will grow by a staggering 300% annually.

As predicted by Forbes long back, artificial intelligence is the next big thing in field service that will improve field technician utilization, increase first time resolution (FTR)  rate, reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)  and drastically heighten the overall customer experience.

Let’s understand how advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI) can enable you to transition along the field service maturity curve

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