News | March 13, 2019

LENSEC Announces Fleet Management In Perspective VMS® v3.5.0

LENSEC is Rolling Out Our Next Generation Software for Fleet Transportation Management

Houston, TX /PRNewswire/ - LENSEC is announcing the release of our next generation software, including fleet security management as a new software feature. Perspective VMS® provides a hardware-agnostic version of security management using modern megapixel cameras and hardened network video recorders on board vehicles.

The LENSEC team is experienced at developing solutions for transportation deployment. The development team integrates hardened devices with a wireless infrastructure and advanced software to identify and store video data from vehicles in the field.

Since 2009, LENSEC has helped security integrators serve fleet customers with legacy software, LENSEC VMS. Customers use LVMS to manage hundreds of buses across large regions. The legacy software provides capabilities for monitoring buses and retrieving video from buses when they return to the depot. However, LVMS has limitations and customers have expressed interest in new features available in Perspective VMS®.

As an integrated security management system, Perspective VMS® acts as a common operating interface to send and receive communication between field devices in vehicles and security personnel. As critical as real-time status notification can be, just as important is archive history and "linking" of events to forensic video. This integration of sub-systems allows security staff to see the entire story.

Perspective VMS® Fleet Security Management Features Advanced Capabilities:

  • GIS-Mapping for locations associated with archived recordings is provided. So, system users can monitor bus locations remotely or track location of incidents after they occur.
  • Multiple Megapixel Cameras installed in crucial locations see inside or outside of the vehicle. Higher resolution video captures details missed previously.
  • Integrated Vehicle Equipment Metadata is collected from brakes, bus stop arms, blinkers, speedometers, etc. The metadata displays in PVMS alongside live or recorded video.
  • Built-in Cellular Communication provides remote access to users monitoring vehicle actions, and live or recorded video before the returning to the depot.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows offload of video to the central system archives when the bus returns to the depot. Users can turn the server on or off and retrieve video from the server remotely.

Fleet Management works inside of Perspective VMS® - not as a standalone software product. LENSEC includes Fleet in Professional and Enterprise editions of PVMS for no additional licensing fee.

Jeff Kellick, LENSEC Chief Product Officer, says users managing building security with PVMS can continue security management in the same software that is handling fleet management. This offers ease-of-use for system users and lower overhead for system administrators, further unifying the physical security footprint being managed by Perspective VMS®.

Kellick says, "We want to ensure users of Perspective VMS® can leverage the same intuitive, easy-to-use, centralized management system they already depend on for securing dozens to hundreds of sites with thousands of cameras. With Perspective VMS® Fleet Management, they can provide surveillance for all their fleet vehicles as well. Managing multiple video sources from fleets of any size can be a logistical challenge, whether it's for buses, trains, trucks, or any fleet vehicle. Using PVMS for reviewing incidents, and automatically correlating the video with intelligent signaling from turn signals, bus stop-arms, accelerometer, GPS, and other vehicle equipment, brings the security information together. All of it can be retrieved wirelessly and combined into a central user interface that can be accessed from any browser. This provides much needed flexibility and efficiency for our customers."

Fleet Management In PVMS Includes:

  • Vehicle Control Page: Controls Vehicle-Installed Hardware
  • Archive Browser/Viewer Page: Playback Archives and Import Videos as Vehicle Incidents
  • Vehicle Incident Panel: Forensic Investigation of Imported Videos and Image Extraction
  • Image Extractions Panel: View or Download Video
  • Live-Map Interface: Vehicle location and metadata is displayed with a timestamp. The vehicle's map location is displayed in real-time or an archived map location matching archived video.

If you are interested in learning more about Perspective VMS® Fleet Management, we have details on our website transportation page, Call the LENSEC team for more information and to request a software demonstration.


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