Webinar | December 9, 2014

Learn How Live Video Is Changing The Field Service Game

Source: Vidcie
 Live Video In Service

Live video is proving to be an extremely valuable tool in field service. This webinar takes a firsthand look at how Abseilon USA has used Vidcie video technology to improve service, whether suspended above the Grand Canyon or floating over the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Kenneth Piposar of Abseilon discusses how Vidcie Live Video Assist enhances nearly every aspect of the incredible work performed by Abseilon’s team of high flying field service technicians, and provides insight on how the technology has provided Abseilon a competitive advantage. Eric Larsen of Vidcie provides insight on the value video can bring to field service and an overview of Vidcie’s unique video technology.

 During this webinar you will:

  • Learn more about how video technology is transforming field service
  • Hear first-hand how live video has helped Abseilon become more efficient and effective
  • Gain perspective on how video might be used to improve your own service operation

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