Article | December 15, 2020

Leadership In Field Service: An Interview With Appify CEO Jen Grant

Source: Appify
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Appify is on a mission to bring great software to every employee in your business by making it easy for anyone to build mobile apps that accelerate their work. Whether you automate a manual process or enhance your current software, you can build a user-friendly mobile app with Appify.

The person charged with making sure Appify can accomplish this is industry veteran Jen Grant, who was named CEO in March, 2019. Jen has spent the last 15 years building companies from the ground up and taking multiple companies to over a billion-dollar valuation. As CMO, she led Looker’s marketing until the $2.6B acquisition by Google in 2019, led the rebrand of Elastic and built the team that took the company public for $2.4B in 2018, and grew Box from a small start-up to an industry-leading, enterprise content company with a $1.7B IPO in 2015.

In this Q&A, Jen shares why she joined Appify, offers up leadership advice for those looking to grow their careers or business within the industry, and explains how Appify’s No-Code platform is set to be a game-changer within the Field Service Industry.

Q: After your third successful unicorn exit, what did you see in Appify that made you want to lead them?

Appify has what I’ve seen at Box, Elastic, and Looker – customers ready to champion the product, a platform that can extend indefinitely, and a founder and team of experienced people that I want to work with. There is a tremendous opportunity to shift the enterprise software experience from one where companies must spend millions of dollars and months or even years to get software live, to one where software can be created in weeks and get new ideas and service offerings to market quickly. Appify is at the forefront of this shift in offering a powerful “No-Code” app-building platform that makes it easy for anyone to build a customized app that is unique to their business process.

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