Freeware | January 31, 2003


Source: Freeware
Intermod60™ solves the most challenging interference problems for clients. Utilizing our solutions during collocation, site design and optimization, clients have been able to increase coverage by up to 20% while reducing analysis costs by up to 75%. Intermod60 is the fastest analysis tool for collocated and multi-site interference prevention and resolution. It's accurate, reliable, cost-effective and fast, enabling collocation and network deployment with confidence.

Features include:

  • 'Lightning fast analysis and report production
  • Single or multiple site and rooftop studies - up to 360 transmitters per study
  • Web-enabled for immediate 24/7 access; no set-up time, no costly hardware upgrades
  • Analyzes all bands - Cellular, SMR, PCS, LMDS, 802.11 and more, includes all or selected channels as required
  • Rapid modeling of 'what if scenarios' for optimum solution
  • Drop down menus for simple and fast data entry
  • 5 categories of interference testing:
    • Intermodulation
    • Transmitter noise
    • Receiver desensitization
    • Transmitter harmonics
    • Transmitter spurious output