Case Study

Intelligent Workflow From Farm To Processing At Dobler & Sons

Source: Trimble
Dobler And Sons

Dobler & Sons has incorporated a fleet management system to comply with the recent ELD mandate and to improve overall efficiency in managing it’s fleet and team of drivers.

Executive Summary: Dobler & Sons produces and transports conventional and organic baby spinach and spring mix from the field, to processing and the final customer. Dobler & Sons is leveraging Trimble fleet management solutions to make intelligent business decisions for the company’s multi-vehicle fleet while ensuring their drivers comply with the ELD mandate.


Dobler & Sons was founded in 1957 and has transitioned from producing head lettuce and broccoli to primarily growing baby spinach and mixed greens. Dobler & Sons operates part of the year in Watsonville, California and moves operations to Holtville, California for a prolonged growing season. Dobler & Sons is equipped with 11 vehicles and a driving team of 14.