Article | February 13, 2018

Integrated Communication Apps: Get Employees On The Same Page

Source: Zinc

By Deirdre Mahon, Zinc

Integrated Communication

Integrated Communications Apps Are Key to Getting Work Done

The collaboration and communication tech markets are inextricably linked—at least in terms of how business users expect them to operate. It’s the vendors that tend to be miles apart, which can cause pain for users. I covered the distinction between communication and collaboration in a previous blog with this key takeaway; you can collaborate all day long but unless you communicate in real-time, productivity takes a hit and things can very quickly start to break down. That’s why it’s so important for these two functions to be connected through technologies like integrated communication apps.

Get on The Same Page

It’s actually pretty amazing how challenging it is to keep everyone in the organization “on the same page”. Even in small companies, this is difficult. Over my career, I’ve had the luxury of spending time at very small companies—think startups of 20 people—but also at huge public entities with 90,000+ employees.

The only thing a bigger organization has going for it is the pace it moves. If a big org moved as fast as a startup, it would be even more complicated. At the heart of the issue is that employees use different apps to communicate. A recent Zogby survey from Oct 2017 revealed that most orgs don’t have standards or protocols around how employees should communicate.