News | April 10, 2024

Insightful Unveils InsightsAI: A Revolutionary AI-Guided Workforce Analytics Technology

InsightsAI AI assistant software enables company leaders to ask almost any question about their workforce and get immediate, data-backed answers.

Insightful, a leading workforce analytics and remote work software, today announced the launch of InsightsAI, a groundbreaking new AI capability. InsightsAI acts as a managerial guide, so company leaders can make faster and more accurate workforce management decisions.

InsightsAI is a first-of-its-kind AI workforce analytics technology. It will provide managers with deep, actionable insights into their workforce by simplifying data conclusions, spotting workplace trends, balancing workloads and identifying employee burnout.

Key Features of InsightsAI

  • Simplified data conclusions: InsightsAI makes it easy for managers to understand complex workplace data, turning it into contextual and actionable insights.
  • Trend spotting: The platform uses AI to identify and highlight emerging workplace trends, allowing organizations to adjust strategies and resources as needed.
  • Employee wellbeing: InsightsAI helps balance workloads and identify signs of burnout to nurture healthy work environments.
  • Over time, InsightsAI is capable of learning organizational work styles and goals to proactively make recommendations to company leaders.

The Future of AI-Guided Management
InsightsAI is designed to transform how organizations understand and manage their teams. By integrating advanced AI capabilities, Insightful has developed an AI workforce tool that reads and interprets complex data sets, allowing managers to make more informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Previously, many of the data-backed insights that InsightsAI provides would have only been possible with detailed data analysts or manual data parsing. Now, InsightsAI allows managers to interpret large sets of data quickly, then use insights discovered to improve employee performance and wellbeing.

What AI in The Workforce Will Mean
"We've built InsightsAI to fundamentally change how managers interact with and leverage workforce analytics data," said Ivan Petrovic, Founder and CEO of Insightful.

"This technology represents a significant shift in how leaders manage, from data interpreters to strategic decision-makers. We refer to this new management style as AI-guided management. Simply, your organization sets the direction, and based on that AI provides the answers to get you there. Much like you set a destination in Google Maps, then the app shows you the way.

"We trained the model using real questions from our users, ensuring that the insights generated are not only contextually rich and actionable but also available more swiftly than ever before."

How Organizations Can Get First Access
InsightsAI is currently accessible through a closed Beta program that's available to existing and new Insightful clients. Organizations interested in getting first access to InsightsAI can email to gain an invitation to the private Beta group.

About Insightful
Insightful software is trusted by 3,100+ global brands and used by 180,000+ people daily. Insightful’s workforce analytics and computer monitoring software helps manage and boost productivity, improve workflows, and support employee wellbeing. Features include an employee tracker, automatic time tracking, remote working software, workplace monitoring, and so much more.

Source: Insightful