News | March 22, 2017

InSight Mobile Data introduces New Ruggedized Tablet Solution For ELD Compliance And Connectivity

An ideal solution for ELD compliance, but also delivers services such as driver behavior monitoring, custom forms, dynamic dispatch and more

InSight Mobile Data, Inc. announces a ruggedized tablet solution that will help organizations with mobile workforces not only comply with new Federal ELD requirements, but also deliver productivity-enhancing services like driver behavior monitoring, custom forms, automated fuel tax recovery, and dynamic dispatch capabilities.

The recently announced SE Utility Tablet is an “all in one” platform for ELD compliance that makes it easy for businesses to provide electronic logbooks and DVIR to their drivers, while also addressing common concerns such as mobile device security, in-vehicle mounting hardware extended warranty, and user training. All of this is included with the rugged, 8” SE Utility tablet equipped with a custom Android operating system with other pre-loaded apps.

“Businesses with mobile workforces are well aware of the coming 2017 regulations requiring adoption of ELD solutions, and they’re certainly clued in to the potential of mobile devices to help them stay connected to the back office,” said Doug Hawley, Vice President of InSight Mobile Data. “But they still have many concerns related to data plans, device security and durability, installation, support and training, as well as ease of use.”

“This new solution from InSight was designed to take all of these questions off the table and provide one comprehensive and reasonably-priced package,” Hawley said.

Because the FMSCA’s new regulations go into effect in 2017, organizations are feeling the pressure to find a solution that allows their drivers to record their Hours of Service (HoS) electronically and provide automated inspection reporting instantly, when it’s required. At the same time, they know that they also need invest in mobile solutions that will increase worker efficiency in the field and improve connectivity and integration with other business workflows.

“Business fleets are looking for a tablet-based solution that is reliable, secure, and easy for their drivers to use. But they also need expertise and guidance with installation, data plans, hardware accessories and device protection. InSight is uniquely positioned to offer all of this in one package, along with the personal support that we are known for,” said Chris Eller, Director of Product Development.

Robin Doherty, an ELD compliance expert with Verigo Inc., agrees that an ELD solution should be both comprehensive and easy to use. Verigo were the inventors of the industry’s first electronic logbook to connect wirelessly to a truck’s engine control module (ECM) – before there was a J.J. Keller, Omnitracs, Big Road or Keep Truckin. “What’s most important,” Doherty said, “is to find a simple, intuitive Electronic Logbooks solution that drivers can use with minimal training on their own smart devices. This will empower your organization’s compliance with the regulations soon to be imposed on the trucking industry.”

Organizations that deploy the InSight ELD solution will immediately be compliant with the new regulations, with electronic logbook, DVIR and driving history instantly accessible from the new 8” tablet, which can be either mounted in the vehicle or used as a stand-alone device. But the device also gives them an opportunity to enhance their capabilities in other areas such as navigations (with trucking attributes), driver performance monitoring, maintenance management, instant data collection and sharing, fuel usage monitoring and mileage reporting, and more. They can also use the tablet for their own internal software needs or add useful third-party Android apps.

“Fleet managers and owners know they need to comply, and they’re excited about the potential of mobile devices for their employees – but they’re also wary about the challenges of driver adoption and training, durability and data security,” said Hawley. “InSight makes it easy.”

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