News | November 28, 2012

Infor Delivers Mobile App To Report And Track Municipal Requests

Infor Mobile Citizen Request Enables Government Agencies to Crowd-Source Reporting on a Mobile Platform

New York, NY - (Marketwire) - Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced the availability of Infor Mobile Citizen Request, an innovative new mobile application that helps the public report and monitor service requests within the public sector. The application empowers citizenry to initiate service inquiries concerning a vast array of communal issues including street repairs, damaged signage, vandalism and other preservation issues using a smartphone device. Infor Mobile Citizen Request allows individuals to not only be heard but also to perceive what their public office is doing about a reported problem.

The crowd-sourcing application provides public organizations with the means to empower their citizens, allowing them to report issues using smartphones or similar devices. Government institutions are able to implement the tool to amplify the voices of their residents, allowing a hands-on approach to improving the community. Users can identify the location of concern using an interactive map; then select the proper service channel and even include a photo along with their contact information for further follow up upon submission. The solution is supported across a wide range of mobile operating systems including Apple, Android and Windows 7 devices.

News Points

  • Central Processing, Better Visibility - Infor Mobile Citizen Request enables cities, counties, universities and other publically managed organizations to track and respond to public service requests in one unified format. The application features a "Review Status" component which allows intuitive review of chronological service requests and their corresponding status, further granting the public visibility.
  • Enhanced Capability for Simple Reporting - The Infor Mobile Citizen Request app provides the general public with an easy-to-use tool for managing the upkeep of their surrounding community. The application extends core Infor Hansen CRM functionality to a wider range of users.
  • Cost Effective Implementation and Operation - The Infor Mobile Citizen Request is delivered in the cloud as a service, so no perpetual software license purchase is required. Access to the solution is available for leasing on an annual basis.
  • Secure Data Management - All Infor Mobile Citizen Request interactions are processed through Infor Hansen software and are limited to the Advanced Mobile Integration Services. This secure approach limits the access for the tens of thousands of individual devices, to minimize security concerns associated with crowd-sourcing data.

Infor Quote

"People have grown accustomed to 24/7 around-the-clock information access and communication, and they expect their government to keep pace," said Kevin Curry, SVP, Public Sector, Infor. "Infor Mobile Citizen Request helps governments respond to this demand, while also greatly improving efficiency by empowering each citizen to act as an extension of the organization service departments."

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