Indigo Systems About Us

Indigo Systems Corporation, founded in 1996 in Santa Barbara, California, began with a vision -- to transform non-visible imaging technology, long the province of the military, into a tool that would benefit humankind in everyday life. Six years later, Indigo is a leading manufacturer of advanced infrared cameras, providing complete camera, software, and enclosure solutions for commercial, industrial, surveillance, Homeland Security, R&D, and military and government applications.

Indigo produces several thermal imaging systems that "see" at night, through smoke and haze, outside the parameters of "visible" images. Ongoing terrorist events are accelerating the need for and the growth in commercial security and surveillance systems. Pivotal to automotive night vision, industrial control, scientific measurement, optical analysis and high-performance military capabilities, these camera families cover the entire infrared spectrum, and include the world's smallest and lightest IR camera and thermal video imaging systems. These cameras are collectively, Indigo's core business.

Custom integrated circuit design, including silicon ROICs (readout integrated circuits) and focal plane arrays (FPAs or sensors) for commercial, industrial, military, and telecom use, and systems and software engineering, are the critical components that have propelled Indigo into a high-volume production capability. Their silicon chip design expertise, proprietary technology, and manufacturing advantage has made Indigo the only company in the IR industry with all required technologies in-house.

In early 2003, Indigo Systems was awarded the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) contract from Northrop Grumman, Electronic Systems, to deliver infrared sensors (Integrated Detective Assemblies or IDAs) for the multi-role, supersonic, stealth JSF aircraft. The F-35 program represents the largest military procurement contract in U. S. history, with an estimated value of more than $200 billion over the life of the program.

Strategic business partnerships have been formed with Northrop Grumman, Nippon Avionics (Avio) and Autoliv Corporation, the international automotive safety supplier. Product alliances are in effect with Thermoteknix Systems, Ltd., National Instruments, Winsoft, and Janos Technology. These alliances aid in reducing per item costs, increasing market penetration, and expanding the applicability of Indigo's infrared cameras, ROICs and the focal plane array product lines, promising profitable end-market growth in the industry.

In April 2002, Indigo Systems introduced the smallest IR camera in the world, the OmegaƤ camera. Weighing in less than 100 grams and smaller than 3.5 cubic inches, the Omega permits thermal imaging in tight and previously inaccessible spaces. The TH-10 long-range surveillance camera system with a ruggedized enclosure was also introduced in late 2002. This system is designed for use in demanding environmental conditions where continuous, reliable IR imaging is required.

Today, Indigo Systems is housed in three facilities, with its new headquarters in Goleta, California. The new 43,000 sq. ft. corporate offices combine with two other Goleta facilities, the detector operations plant and the manufacturing facility, totaling over 85,000 square feet and housing 192 employees. Honored by Deloitte & Touche in 2002, Indigo Systems was ranked #393 among the fastest growing technology firms in the nation with an 844% revenue growth over the past five years.

In January 2003, Indigo Systems' Human Resources Department received the top honor for the second consecutive year from the Santa Barbara Human Resources Association. Responsive to the community, Indigo Systems also sponsors a matching "gifting" program each year. Indigo's employees are encouraged to donate a percentage of their salaries to their individual favorite charities. Indigo matches, dollar for dollar, the employees' contributions by presenting an annual check to The United Way. This past year, at the Fourth Annual Giving Reception, Indigo Systems and employees presented over $55,000 to local, regional and national charities.

Indigo Systems, a respected innovator and manufacturer of optoelectronic products is emerging as a leader in the burgeoning Homeland Security market. Combining experience, leading edge technology, creative management, and forward thinking engineers, Indigo Systems has become a global leader in the thermal imaging industry. Indigo's founding vision, to transform non-visible technology into a tool that benefits humankind, is a reality in just a few short years.