Article | November 18, 2021

Increase The Mobility Of Your Sales Force Through A Mobile Sales Platform

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A mobile sales platform can take your sales team a long way in terms of engaging prospects and conversion rates. Digital platforms and technology increase the mobility of all departments, and sales is a core component of any company. Monitoring the productivity of sales reps through an app installed on their phones can help improve the pace of sales operations. Productivity metrics, sales data, and relevant trends can be analyzed to ensure that sales operations are running smoothly.

Providing reps access to reporting capabilities from the field as well as the ability to access marketing collateral can help them pitch better. Automating reporting eliminates inefficient pen and paper processes which allow reps to spend more time prospecting. Your sales force can use a sales force tracking software to increase sales.

How a Mobile Sales Platform Can Increase Sales Mobility

A mobile sales platform can help increase your pace of sales by automating business processes. Reps can report from the field which eliminates pen and paper processes, and increases the amount of time invested on prospects:

Increased Connectivity

Sales force tracking apps allow you to manage your sales teams through their phones at all times. The mobile platform can be used through phones, tablets as well as any computer to be accessed at all times, so you can log in and check the progress of reps as they go through their daily activities in real-time for better performance management. Reps can be informed on vital details for strategic alignment, and marketing collateral can be sent in real-time.

Access to Collateral

In this day and age of instant gratification, clients like to be provided with vital product details instantly. Newly developed marketing collateral can be sent in a central platform by managers to reps in the field to ensure they are being shown in sales presentations. Customers respond well to visual data and displaying high-quality collaterals can help generate more business. Reps can also download the collateral from the mobile platform to send to clients to increase selling opportunities.

Better Productivity

By letting reps report from the field using a mobile sales platform, a lot of administrative tasks can be automated, allowing reps to invest more time on selling. Productivity can also be tracked by monitoring whether reps achieve daily KPIs, which are a good indicator of sales performance. The more time reps spend on converting, the more profit you generate. Reps also can evaluate their performance at day end, helping them push themselves to perform better.

Data Analytics

Sales data presented as visual graphs and interactive dashboards can help you understand the activities of reps and revenue generation. This can help in making vital sales decisions by analyzing the volume of orders generated to project the rate of sales for the next period. A well-thought-out sales operation is key to generating sustainable and long-term profits. The dashboards can also be customized to reflect data in a way that is easier for you to understand.

Mobile Notifications

Mobile apps have the capability to send you notifications when certain milestones have been achieved in terms of sales targets. This can help you distribute tasks better. Reps who are fast can also be assigned to handle key accounts to increase the rate of revenue generation efforts and increasing profits. Various forms of notifications like email or push notifications can be enabled in the app to help you stay on top of things.

Sales teams can have their mobility and productivity increased manifold by letting them use a mobile sales platform. Task automation and remote monitoring help increase the efficiency of sales teams and help them perform better.