Guest Column | May 29, 2014

Improve Customer Experience On-the-Go

Matt McConnell, CEO for Intradiem

By Matt McConnell, CEO for Intradiem

You often hear “war stories” around the water cooler about bad customer experiences. While some industries have more tarnished reputations than others, no industry is immune to having the occasional failed customer experience as a result of an unprepared field service workforce.

If you think about it, the customer experience starts off on shaky ground when you ask your customers to wait for up to four hours, when they surely have other places they could be, for a field service technician to arrive for an appointment. You further diminish the experience if the service tech then doesn’t have the right information, equipment or necessary details of the order and has to call into the home office for more information. You run the risk of actually losing a customer if your service technician can’t do the job in the same day and must schedule additional work.

Now more than ever, great customer service is imperative, especially when the competition is hot. Customers can and will switch without a second thought if they have a bad experience, so companies need to do everything possible to efficiently prepare their field reps to deliver on their brand promise. But there are ways field service technicians can deliver a better customer experience, through preparedness and efficiency.

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