iAnywhere m-Business Studio

m-Business Studio
iAnywhere m-Business Studio is a comprehensive, integrated software package for extending the reach of e-Business applications, enterprise data and Internet content to mobile and wireless devices, including smartphones, PDAs and laptops. Building on leading wireless application server, messaging, data management and enterprise synchronization technologies, this package provides the core foundation necessary for conducting mobile and wireless e-Business, or "m-Business," while managing the risk and reducing the costs and development time typically associated with successful projects.
iAnywhere m-Business Studio is recognized for its award winning m-Business technology, engineering and professional services teams, and strategic industry partnerships. iAnywhere Solutions provides a one-stop source for developing, implementing and deploying successful m-Business solutions. As organizations look to further extend their mobile and remote enterprise, they can feel confident knowing that they can grow with iAnywhere Solutions. This single point of contact eliminates the need for customers to integrate offerings from a variety of vendors, and maximizes efficiency, minimizes frustration and ultimately accelerates time to market. iAnywhere m-Business Studio gives mobile workers the unique ability to work either on or offline so they have always available access to their data and corporate applications. This is a critical capability in the current wireless landscape, where cost, bandwidth, signal availability and signal quality present enterprise applications, workers can access information and queue up transactions offline, reducing communications costs while increasing application performance and battery life. Data synchronization and messaging technologies enable the exchange of new information in a timely manner, and minimize the amount of data that needs to be sent over the wireless network. This always available access is essential for organizations to keep their mobile workers productive with the information they need, when they need it, while reducing costs associated with connection times. iAnywhere Solutions is the market leading provider of mobile, embedded and workgroup databases and mobile middleware solutions that enable anywhere, anytime access to enterprise information and applications.