Article | September 24, 2019

How To Shine On The Service Stage

Source: ECI Solutions
Field Service Success


To go beyond selling and fixing equipment and fully embrace a service-centric business model, you need efficient business processes that help you build better margins and grow your business. With increased levels of competition from distributors and manufacturers who are expanding beyond their core business competencies to lock customers into service and maintenance contracts, profit margins on equipment sales are quickly shrinking and business is getting tougher.

To make service a core area of your business, it’s critical that you maintain complete visibility into and control over your operation costs. Only by having the right systems in place and the right data at your fingertips will you be able to deliver exceptional service and stay ahead of your competitors.

Challenges Facing Service Providers

Process Inefficiencies

From purchase order to the final invoice and ongoing customer service, all aspects of a business require a constant flow of information. If you are managing these processes manually or using disparate systems that don’t connect to one another, the risk of errors increases along with operating costs. Easily avoidable mistakes and slow processes can lead to lost opportunities.