Guest Column | January 18, 2021

How To Improve Your FSO's Productivity The Right Way

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Improving your field service organization’s (FSO) ability to create better results is always going to be on an owner’s wishlist. However, improving productivity is easier said than done. You must consider the challenges and problems you’re going to run into when doing so. So how exactly can you effectively improve your FSO’s productivity?

There is a difference between simply improving FSO’s productivity and improving it the right way. Trying to improve productivity by brute force can often lead to disaster. We’ve made a list of tips to improve your FSO’s productivity the right and without causing harm in the long run.

Reduce Distractions In The Office

A big problem that can severely affect your FSO’s productivity is the presence of distractions. Distractions keep your employees, and sometimes even you, from being productive. These distractions include loud noises, phones, and social media. You need to ensure that you have preventive measures to keep these distractions at a minimum. Setting up policies that forbid the use of phones and social media during office hours is a good start.

Adjust And Adapt To Changes In The Market

The market that you will be selling your products and services in will never stay the same. It often changes as demand shifts from one product or service to another. You need to make sure that your FSO can adjust and adapt to these changes to stay productive. Shifting your focus from a less popular product or service to a more popular one, for example, can be a great way to maximize the resources and time you have at your disposal.

Get Your Customers On Board

Your customers are some of the most important individuals to your FSO. Not only do they buy your products and services, but they can also play a role in improving your FSO’s productivity. You might be wondering how your customers can improve your FSO’s productivity despite just being your buyers. The answer is simple, your customers can do certain aspects of your FSO for free.

A great example of customers providing a service to your FSO for free is how happy customers can spread the word about your great products and services. Your customers sharing their good experiences with your FSO is essentially free advertising. Another example is how they can give you feedback regarding which products are doing well and which aren’t, allowing you to adjust to their wants and needs better.

Train Your Staff To Handle The Demands And Challenges Of Your FSO

One thing you should always know when you’re running an FSO is that your staff are an essential part of productivity. You might be in charge, but that doesn’t mean you can handle everything on your own. So, you need to make sure that your staff is ready to handle the demands and challenges of your FSO. A great way to do this is by training your staff.

Having well-trained employees is a great step towards FSO productivity. Not only do you have employees that can handle the old problems and challenges, but also anticipate and avoid problems and challenges in the future.