Article | April 5, 2021

How To Choose The Right Hardware For Your Remote Service Operations

Source: OverIT
How to Choose the Right Hardware for your Remote Service Operations 1

Selecting the right hardware for remote service and support can seem daunting. Some options are handheld or wearable. Where to start depends on the situation and use case. However, in any use case, there are several factors to consider before selecting.

Form Vs. Function

Not every device out there has had Field Service in mind when being created. Some have aftermarket adjustments like sturdy cases or add-ons to help make them more rugged or usable for field workers. Thinking about the form versus function can help users determine the best fit for them and their tasks. Not all cool tech makes sense as a tool for industry rather than entertainment purposes.

Dr. Chris Parkinson, CTO and founder of RealWear has said, "Consumer devices will always prioritize form over function, while the enterprise will deliver function over form."

When considering wearables, smart glasses rather than head-mounted tablets (HMT) are much more likely to be consumer-focused and therefore not be successful for field implementation. Users who plan to use these tools in the field should focus on enterprise devices (more likely, head-mounted tablets). These industry-designed tools have proven ROI with real use cases. Enterprise places the importance of function over form, so while they may not look as sleek as consumer electronics, they will be much more useful and applicable to the tasks at hand.

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