Webinar | July 14, 2016

How To Benchmark Service In A Customer-Centric World

Source: ClickSoftware
Service Benchmarks

Measure this, analyze that. You have all of this data, but do you know the most impactful way to use it to drive change in your organization? Now that that customers are exercising their voice in more and more channels, do you know how to measure and leverage customer sentiment? Field service is the coliseum of modern markets, in which the gladiators of business will fiercely compete for customer loyalty. You need to measure service to survive!

This talk will present 100’s of years of collective experience from leaders in field service to summarize the most impactful metrics for measuring field service. We will also discuss:

  • How to understand your performance versus others to differentiate
  • Interesting correlations, sometimes between seemingly independent metrics, which can unveil previously unidentified service operation characteristics and opportunities for action
  • The potential of the benefits of crowd sourcing and cloud outsourcing

The time for service is now. Do you have the metrics you need to succeed?