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How The Best-In-Class Use AR For Superior Service Management

Source: ServiceMax from GE Digital
Harnessing Augmented Reality In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Technician turnover continues to create challenges across the Field Service Management industry, and organizations are scrambling to keep up. Best-in-Class organizations are embracing emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) to help manage these new workforce pressures. This report explores Augmented Reality successes, and charts a path to success for those businesses ready to embrace an augmented future.

Service Management Has a Major Workforce Problem

Each year, Aberdeen surveys service organizations on the top pressures leading them to invest in new technologies. The top two choices consistently relate to business’ drive to maximize efficiency and manage competition in products and services. The third biggest challenge after those two has been the same, year after year: Organizations, across disciplines, feel the pressure to manage increasing workforce turnover.

Aberdeen’s recent State of Service Management study looked to explore that further, and the findings provided additional insight – on average, organizations are seeing technician turnover of 31.5%. To add to this problem, an increasing number of service technicians are contracted (an average of 26.4%), meaning less consistency in service delivery, and more short-term labor that needs to be quickly on-boarded, trained, and given an understanding of the appropriate standards and practices.