Webinar | March 21, 2019

How The Best-in-Class Stop Customer Churn

Source: Astea International

Customers today demand a lot — because they can. If you don’t deliver personalized service at every step of the customer journey, they’ll drop you faster than you can say “turnover.”

It’s no wonder Aberdeen research shows that meeting and exceeding customer expectations is the number one priority for service executives in 2019. But to accomplish this goal, service leaders must deliver truly personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints, including the field, contact center, and digital channels.

Make sure you customers don’t leave you for someone who knows how to meet their needs. Join this invaluable webinar to learn:

  • The top objectives driving service leaders’ agenda in 2019
  • Strategies Best-in-Class service leaders use to proactively address customer needs
  • How Best-in-Class firms use knowledge management to achieve service excellence
  • The role of contingent labor in modern service management