Article | November 15, 2019

How Mobile Equipment Management Software Can Cut Costs And Improve Operations

Source: ProntoForms
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There’s a high cost to be paid for poor enterprise asset management (EAM). For capital-intensive sectors such as heavy manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities, downtime is the single largest source of lost productivity and revenue. According to analyst company Aberdeen Research, unplanned downtime can cost manufacturers as much as $260,000 an hour.

Controlling plant and asset maintenance expenses while also improving the return on assets is key in these industries. To meet these objectives, many companies adopt mobile technology as an integral part of their EAM strategy.

So just how do these mobile EAM solutions work in the field?

Mobile EAM and field service

Mobile EAM starts with transitioning from paper-based work orders (planned, break/fix or service requests) to equipment maintenance software linked between a mobilized workforce and your organization. The idea is to give field workers — employees who spend part or all of their time away from a central office — access to data from your organization’s back-end system or cloud service. A mobile EAM should also include the ability to input facility, structures, and other asset inspection and asset maintenance reports in these same systems.