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How Mixed Reality Technology Transforms Knowledge Management In Field Service

Source: Comarch
Field Service Augmented Reality

Field service management becomes more complicated every year. Companies face rising expectations from customers who demand instant service delivery and professionalism. At the same time, businesses complain about insufficient resources to manage the tasks and young employees demanding advanced tools supporting their work. With these obstacles, delivery of excellent service and earning customers’ trust become areas of concern.

Client-focused organizations are aware that they can handle these challenges with improvements in knowledge management. By ensuring effective knowledge exchange between the experienced and young employees, supporting their work with tools and enabling “learning by doing” training, the chance to deliver high-quality service rises exponentially. Until quite recently, only office workers could benefit from these work facilitators. But, together with technological development, such solutions are now available for field staff.

Mixed reality (MR) technology utilizing head-mounted displays such as Microsoft HoloLens, blending the real and digital worlds, can improve workers’ experiences regarding knowledge sharing and problem solving. With virtual objects set in reality, field staff can access useful information and handle tasks effectively on site. The headsets also allow service companies to train people in real contexts with virtual elements, preparing them to manage real tasks in the future. Mixed reality reduces the effort required to process information by the human brain, when compared to reading a book or watching a video. As a result, it allows know-how to be shared within the organization, customer experience to be enhanced, and overall business productivity to be boosted.

By developing dedicated apps for digital reality devices, businesses can address these challenges. This white paper explains why similar solutions should be implemented, and provides useful tips for those who consider the application of mixed reality in field service.

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