Article | September 23, 2020

How Field Service KPIs Are Evolving In The New Normal

Source: TechSee

By Andrew Mort, TechSee

Field Service KPI Data Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every area of life and field service organizations continue to be at the sharp end. Internet, water and electricity services must be maintained, forcing companies to work even harder to strike the right balance between ensuring customer satisfaction and adhering to government regulations that protect technicians and customers. This new reality has impelled field service organizations to reassess their success metrics – their core KPIs – and many companies are now evaluating how remote visual support can help.

The emerging shift to outcome-based field service KPIs

In 2019, before the world had heard of the novel coronavirus, a research report by Field Service News unsurprisingly identified improving operational efficiency-focused metrics as the top priority of field service organizations. However, the data also revealed that this mindset had already begun to shift, with field service organizations aligning with other enterprises that have transitioned to more customer-centric models. In fact, 65% of field service organizations identified customer satisfaction as either equal to or higher in importance than operational efficiency.

Focusing on customer satisfaction as an outcome of the service interaction has led companies to shift their measures of success too. Some 91% of companies surveyed by Field Service News stated that NPS or an equivalent metric is a key KPI for their field service organization.

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