Webinar | January 26, 2017

How A Mobile Communication Platform Helped Turn BioTek's Service Techs Into Superheros

Source: Zinc
Pharma’s Super Heroes Of Innovation

In the service world, customers are king. Quick communication can mean the difference between a happy customer or an unsatisfied one.  For service techs on site, bringing the knowledge of the entire service team can be the key to fixing an issue in minutes, instead of a second trip.  Enter a mobile communication platform.  Imagine sending a text or photo to the entire service team and getting your question answered in seconds!  It’s like the ‘Bat Phone’ for service.

With customers around the globe, BioTek Instruments wanted to equip their service team with the tools that could help make them true superheroes in the eyes of their customers. Speed was essential to this, but was often a challenge when it came to a lengthy call queue or email when the team needed answers in the moment.   So, Sean Jordan, Director of Service, went in search of a way to connect his field service techs to the full organization that was behind them.  That’s when he found Zinc, a secure, mobile communication platform allowed for fast, efficient  communication across and amongst service teams.

This on-demand webcast will show you how an enterprise communication platform can help service organizations:

  • Connect and inform their mobile field workers
  • Foster a service and customer culture .
  • Deliver the best customer service experience
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