News | October 21, 2021

Holo Industries Launches Large-Format Holographic Touch Solutions

ASKA3D Plates provide large holographic images for Industrial and workplace applications.

Holo Industries LLC has expanded its line of Holographic Touch solutions to include large-format, contactless holographic systems for machine, factory and other rugged industrial applications. The holographic image is clear and precise, and Holo’s user interface (UI), is accurate and responsive, providing zero latency with an impressive 50 millisecond response time, even when the operator is wearing gloves. Additionally, since all interactions occur in mid-air, there is never any residual grease, grime clean-up on touchscreens, keyboards, or other control surfaces.

Larger available plate sizes measure 310mm (12.2” x 12.2”), 420mm (16.5 x 16.5”), and 630mm (24.8” x 24.8”). The increased sizes are made possible by glass holographic plates from ASKA3D, a division of Japanese technology firm Asukanet Co., Ltd., and distributed by Holo Industries LLC worldwide. The precision glass plates are 5.6mm (0.22”) thick and consist of strategically positioned vertical mirrors, hundreds of microns wide and manufactured in Japan using ASKA3D’s patented process. The holographic plates, combined with sensors and Holo Industries’ proprietary software and hardware components, comprise Holographic Touch, a disruptive new technology that allows users to safely touch, pinch, scroll, or spin any image effortlessly in mid-air.

“Holographic Touch was initially invented as a safe and germ-free way for employees and customers to interact in mid-air, so businesses could thrive during the pandemic,” says Glenn ImObersteg, Holo Industries CEO. “But in the past year, many new and innovative applications have emerged, and the demand for our holographic solutions has been unprecedented. The larger imaging capacity will expand our markets to include interactive displays and mid-air machine, scheduling and controls for smart factory and other applications. We currently have more than 70 different prototypes being tested in automobile dashboards, airplane galleys, hotel and hospital registration systems, restaurants, parking garages, and ATMs, among others.”< /p&GT

In addition to the larger product lines, Holo Industries is also designing Holographic Touch products in small form-factors for 50mm (2” x 2”) doorbells, kitchen and lavatory applications; 100mm (4” x 4”) entry systems and keypads. Holo Industries’ products are available as:

  • Modular Systems
  • Demos & Prototypes
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Plastic or glass holographic plates

Holo industries and Holographic Touch can be experienced at HX: the Hotel Experience in New York in November, Self-Service Innovation Summit in Florida in December, and CES in Las Vegas in January.

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About Holo Industries LLC
Holo Industries is the inventor of Holographic Touch, a disruptive technology that combines holographic plates, optics, sensors and proprietary software and hardware components to create highly responsive mid-air interaction for customers and employees so businesses can thrive during the pandemic. We manufacture products in various sizes and form factors for the consumer, elevator, restaurant, banking, retail, hospitality, gaming, medical, automotive and aerospace industries.

Source: Holo Industries LLC