Case Study

Government Contractor Improves Parking & Ticketing Process With Handheld Mobile Devices

Source: AMobile Intelligent Corp.
Mobile Device

On-Street parking tickets written by traffic wardens require a lot of labor costs as it not only takes time, but also demands that Information is input later to create an electronic database. Thus, people can easily make payments of the bills online or in convenience stores, etc. Utilizing connected devices with thermal printers to issue parking tickets has been operated one after another by on-street parking administrators to improve work efficiency of parking management and decrease the total cost of ownership.


A prominent Taiwan government contractor of on-street parking fee collecting was looking for a better solution for his current field operation to achieve effective parking management. Apart from becoming full of dirt, mobile devices carried by traffic wardens are also sometimes exposed to rain or sun. It is crucial for the devices to be rugged, weatherproof, stable, and reliable, as well as having an auto-identification function.