News | May 23, 2023

Gorillas Adopts Quinyx Workforce Management

Quinyx is now supporting the online supermarket delivery service Gorillas with its AI-powered workforce management solution. Top Workforce Management (WFM) software company, Quinyx supports the Quick Commerce Unicorn with its AI-powered WFM solutions.

  • The U.S., Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Italy are all markets part of the global rollout plan.
  • Quinyx’s leading app already enables U.S. and German riders and warehouse staff to change their shift, request time off, check their schedules, and punch in/out of work with a fingertip.
  • Quinyx is the #1 WFM app on the market with a 4.5 / 5 app rating - in 2021, a million users jumped on the Quinyx platform.

Quinyx is now supporting the online supermarket delivery service Gorillas with its AI-powered workforce management solution. The global tech company offers a leading AI-powered workforce management software that simplifies the complex tasks of time tracking, workforce scheduling, communication, budgeting and forecasting for deskless (hourly/shift) workers. Thousands of employees in the U.S. and across Germany are already benefiting from the use of the Quinyx app, with further rollouts planned in the Netherlands, the UK and Italy.

“Since we launched back in June 2020, we have experienced a period of rapid growth, throughout which we have provided our users with instant access to essentials. Our Riders, who sit at the heart of the company, play a crucial role in this, thus making it imperative that we ensure their workdays run as smoothly as possible - from the planning and scheduling of their shifts, to checking in and out of work. With Quinyx, we have found a strong partner who can support us in this, whilst taking into account the individual wishes of our employees", says Alexander Brunst, General Manager Germany of Gorillas.

The use of Quinyx at Gorillas includes:

  • Scheduling and accurate time tracking: Couriers are automatically reminded to punch in when they start working and punch out at the end of their shift via the Quinyx app.
  • Swapping shifts: Through the use of the Quinyx app, Gorillas was able to take most shift preferences into account when scheduling.
  • Continuous scheduling optimization thanks to AI: The offering includes various options to deliver continuous schedule optimization through automated product functions. For example, two AI-functions, automatically creating optimized schedules and assigning the shifts to employees were recently introduced for optimized results. These two functions ensure that drivers are assigned their contracted hours.

About Quinyx
Quinyx is a leading AI-powered workforce management software that makes the complex tasks of scheduling, time reporting, communicating, budgeting and forecasting deskless workers simple. Quinyx helps companies around the world reduce labor costs , remain compliant and improve workforce efficiency - all the while boosting their bottom line, employee satisfaction and retention.

Quinyx provides solutions that save time and money to some of the world’s biggest companies like McDonalds, Domino’s, Sysco, Compass Group, Virgin Atlantic, DHL, and Wello.

Source: Quinyx