Guest Column | November 20, 2018

Give Customers Something To Be Thankful For – Engaged And Connected Service

By Steve Smith, VP of Strategic Industries, ClickSoftware

Connected Product Growth

Field service can sometimes feel like a thankless job. Customers are often unhappy from the outset of a service engagement because the job of the field service professional is to fix something that is broken. Customers no longer view their relationship with your company as a single transaction, but as an ongoing relationship. Today’s service professionals are faced with a bit of an uphill battle.

But there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to removing friction from the customer service journey. This Thanksgiving, let’s give customers something they can truly be grateful for - great experiences that start and end with convenience and communication.

In order to strengthen relationships with customers and keep them coming back, you need to include them at every stage of the field service customer journey. This helps them feel connected and like an active participant in your relationship.

Consider these five strategies to keep customers involved in the service process from the very beginning.