News | August 13, 2019

FwdMbl Solutions, LLC, Announces New Release Of Their Best-In-Class Direct Store Delivery Software

FwdMbl Offers Mobile Applications for Mobile Sales, DSD, Inventory Tracking, Account Management and Proof of Delivery

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) - FwdMbl Solutions, LLC, a tech company that offers mobile applications to companies who deliver products and services, B2C or B2B, released a new version of its Direct Store Delivery (DSD) software this month. Through the use of a configuration system, the software operates as your company does and is able to adapt to any future changes seamlessly. The software, called ForwardSales, features fast and easy order entry, simple and accurate inventory tracking, and answers to all customer questions—making it the perfect solution for companies looking to increase efficiency.

The Exciting Features Include:

  • Enhanced lot number, serial number, and expiration date tracking and auditing.
  • Enhanced route scheduling engine to handle more schedule types and allowing sales reps to select a skip date or next stop date.
  • Enhanced note and comment handling to improve the collaboration between drivers and the back office, and to improve the handoff process to relief drivers.
  • Enhanced warehouse support and inventory handling.
  • Enhanced GPS tracking and beaconing, allowing you to track your people and give customers accurate ETAs.
  • Enhanced image collection and document creation, allowing you to capture images and backup documents for any transactions.

“We have listened to the ideas and requirements from major players in the DSD vertical and have formulated the best solutions for the unique challenges they face,” said CEO John Kangas, “Our enhanced solutions will give field representatives everything they need to build better customer relationships. It offers instant answers to the hard questions, allows for easy collection of all types of data, and gives the back office a complete view of the process.”

FwdMbl knows your pain points and offers you solutions that are not just standalone products. The company offers integrations with big-name programs like NetSuite, QuickBooks or other ERP Systems including AS400-based systems. For example, the DSD application fully integrates with NetSuite allowing you to gather information on customers, items, and pricing. When the order is complete, it sends the information to the ERP system as an order or invoice—including a signature if required. FwdMbl’s integration into the entire process gives companies an incredibly fast ROI by providing sales reps with real-time access to the sales and delivery process.

FwdMbl was launched in 2013 by founder and CEO John Kangas, who is a seasoned programmer with a love for mobile apps. Today, FwdMbl delivers mobile app solutions that solve the hardest problems and catapults companies forward.

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About FwdMbl Solutions, LLC
FwdMbl is a company that offers solutions for both B2B and B2C companies looking to improve their delivery methods through more efficient software. This includes mobile sales, DSD, account management, inventory tracking, customer portals and proof of delivery—to name a few. Companies can integrate FwdMbl’s solutions with their current software to add value and enhance their customer’s and employee’s experiences without the hassle of adopting a whole new program.

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CEO John Kangas is available for interview or scheduling demos.

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