Article | May 5, 2020

Four Benefits Of Location Tracking

Source: Esri
Tracker Viewer
The Tracker Viewer allows operations managers to see the full scope of operations, while mobile workers see only their own tracks.

Although automated vehicle locater (AVL) systems do a great job of on-the-road vehicle tracking of mobile workforces, their capabilities begin and end in the parking lot. The real work of field personnel and other mobile workers begins when they step out of their vehicles. Using a personnel tracking system, organizations can increase situational awareness, verify work performance, and improve operational efficiency.

Tracker for ArcGIS is a solution that captures location data, which can be used to know where personnel are and to see where they have been. It includes a mobile app that records data with the user's permission, and a web app that visualizes this data. Agencies benefit from these capabilities in four ways. Users can see everyone's location, detect patterns, promote efficiency and collaboration, and improve situational awareness. What's more, Esri's powerful ArcGIS software supports Tracker for ArcGIS to help users visualize field activity and understand data in a geographic context. 

Know Where Everyone Is

Organizations need to provide effective services to their clients, which means that mobile workers need to be on time and in the right place. This is a challenge for field operations managers who cannot see where their people are working or how much they may have fallen behind schedule.

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