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Fleet Management Tracking Just Got Easier, Simpler And Cheaper--Especially For The Little Guys

New plug-n-play cloud based telematics system launched by Momentum IoT.

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) - Momentum IoT just made fleet management telematics easier, simpler and most importantly, cheaper with the launch of its tracking software and hardware solution, Momentum Eagle 1. And, to make it more attractive, fleet managers can demo the software for free or try out the tracker with no contract or investment. This is great news, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses who don’t want to be locked into long, cumbersome and expensive contracts—because it was designed with them in mind. To get a feel for the company and the product, take a look at the video Momentum CEO Justin Silva and team created.

Telematics uses GPS tracking to monitor fleets and equipment on a Web-based map. It can capture everything from fuel consumption and speed to maintenance issues. Large fleet companies use telematics extensively, but small operators have not been able to do so, primarily based on cost and complexity. Momentum has changed that.

“I like to break things,” says Justin Silva, CEO of Momentum IoT. “I like looking at how things are done and try to make them better. I grew up around contractors and worked at a field services company, so I understand the challenges of smaller fleet service businesses—the local plumbers, contractors, electricians, and maintenance inspectors. The big boys all have fancy ways of tracking their equipment and checking the maintenance of their trucks, but these guys don’t. Stolen equipment and misused trucks are more than just a write-off. They hurt.”

Justin ran Information Technology at AppDynamics, the workforce application management company purchased by Cisco for $3.7 billion. There, he “broke” things by revamping, upgrading and developing many of the company’s IT systems—and in the process saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars through automation.

He took the skills and experience at a rocketship IT company back to the place he began in business, a local field services company based in Long Beach, California, called Traffic Management Inc.

It was at Traffic Management that Justin got involved in telematics. He launched trials with multiple vendors, to improve operations at this mixed fleet of vehicles and equipment. Each trial was hampered by limitations: inflexible hardware, rigid pricing, multi-year contracts, and roadblocks preventing easy access to the data.

Silva could see that existing telematic solutions providers were particularly ill-suited to solve problems for small field service businesses. He knew that business owners wanted something simple, easy to use and most importantly, cost-effective. So once again, he broke things.

“I wanted to create something that was user-friendly, where people could just plug it in and go,” continues Silva. “No one wants to deal with a platform that is cumbersome or requires technical expertise. I also wanted to design a system that was flexible enough not to require customization, and would work well with existing hardware in vehicles and equipment used by smaller field service businesses. So we built it.” After a simple installation, Momentum’s device connects to the cloud so that fleet managers can track their equipment in real time, see trips and speeds, and set up alerts for equipment and maintenance malfunctions. Momentum was the first Fleet Telematics company to deploy on the advanced LTE Cat-M network, thereby providing better connectivity, using less power and battery consumption. The software also comes with a robust reporting system that offers a dashboard view of odometer, voltage and fuel levels so that managers can reduce idle times.

Satisfied with the solution, Silva’s next challenge was to lock in affordable pricing and easy trials. “Businesses should be able to buy telematics like they buy other software and services. All kinds of industries do monthly billing on a credit card. Why not telematics?”

“Businesses want superior products at low prices,” furthers Silva. “Many telematics products on the market are expensive, have an up-front hardware cost, and require a long-term contract, which is a huge pain for small and mid-sized businesses. My vision is to make it easy to try, with no risk. So we have no contracts, and let businesses try a device for free. If they like it, they pay us a low monthly price.”

The low cost does not compromise security. In fact, Momentum's solutions offer the highest level of security in the industry. And, it allows its customers to extract data from telematics and input it into other applications easily.

The flexible model that Momentum created proved extremely successful. It won top honors in the 2019 CompassIntel Spring Awards for Connected Solution Leadership: Fleet Tracking Management, which recognizes the top companies, products and technology solutions in mobile, IoT and emerging technology industries . It was also recently lauded by industry analysts at Mind Commerce who touted the manageability, ease-of-use and highly intuitive nature of the product design and platform. The product was named a "Mobile IoT Innovator" by the Global Telecom Industry Association, the GSMA.

But don’t get the idea based on product accolades that the company takes itself too seriously or isn’t actively engaged with its customers. Momentum IoT’s customer service is excellent and it makes software improvements based on feedback. Their quirky sense of humor is evident throughout their website, FAQ’s and their how-to videos.

As for the future, Silva continues to look for the next useful features for mixed fleet managers. The company is currently working on a beacon-based tracking solution for non-powered equipment. Concludes Silva, “My goal is to solve real-world problems with simplicity and innovation--and have a lot of fun in the process.”

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About Momentum IoT
Momentum IoT helps small and mid-sized fleet managers locate and manage their trucks, trailers, heavy and light equipment with kickass GPS and telematics tracking solutions at affordable prices, with no contract. Momentum IoT tracking software was built from the ground up by professionals, for professionals.

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