Magazine Article | November 20, 2014

Fleet Management Evolves From Track And Trace To Strategic Business Intelligence

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

By Jonathan Durkee, VP, product management, Fleetmatics,

Today’s fleet management solutions provide far more than just location data.

The past two decades have seen tremendous advancement in the functionality of GPS-based solutions. Initially a tactical tool used to get from point A to point B more efficiently, continued development has transformed onboard GPS units into robust mobile workforce solutions, providing a full picture of remote workers, vehicles, and equipment.

To illustrate just how revolutionary the technology is, recall the evolution of the mobile phone market. Once valued as a utilitarian communications tool to be used in case of emergency, mobile phones are now at the center of daily life — we use them for everything from making phone calls to paying bills and watching movies. Like the mobile phone, GPS-based mobile workforce solutions have evolved to serve at the heart of daily operations for field-based businesses.