Article | August 15, 2018

Fleet Management Continues To Lift Roadblocks For Demolition Company

Source: Trimble

By John Cameron, Trimble PULSE

Demolition Company

D.H. Griffin is leading demolition company in the United States. For the past seven years, it has deployed Trimble’s cloud-based Fleet Management solution across its fleet of 500 vehicles, to identify, manage and improve operational areas such as driver safety, customer service, back office administration, fuel use and vehicle efficiency.

What’s more, an Integrated Driver Logs tool keeps track of each driver’s miles on the road. D.H. Griffin was an early adopter of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), which are now mandated for all fleets in North America, to comply with regulations under the Department of Transportation Hours of Service requirements.

Prior to installing the Driver Logs tool, drivers kept track of mileage with handwritten logs. “That system was a nightmare,” says Rick Swartz, D.H. Griffin’s Corporate Fleet Manager. “The drivers would enter the miles manually. The quality was poor and unreliable, and we lost productivity because drivers spent too much time maintaining the logs instead of driving.”