Webinar | February 20, 2018

Fix Your Technician Resource Gap

Source: Astea International

70% of companies will face a field service talent deficit from retirement in the coming 10 years.

To fix the technician labor force shortage, you can either hire the next generation of field engineers—the millennials—or consider leveraging contingent or third-party technicians . . . or a combination of the two! Both options pose challenges and rewards that you need to consider, such as:

  • With your competitors vying for the same limited talent pool, how do you gain an edge in your recruitment efforts?
  • And as you’re trying to expand into different territories and meet increasing customer demands, how could contingent or third-party technicians help?

This is mostly a people problem, hence why hiring more direct employees or using third-party or contingent workers is the answer, but technology can also play a role in helping you fill that labor force gap. For example, mobile workforce software can help you maximize the productivity of the field technicians you currently have. But since this is mostly a people problem, you need to gain a better understanding of your two sources of new technicians: 1) the millennials, and 2) contingent and third-party technicians.

Join Astea International, the market leaders in field service management technology, and ProAutomated, a third party field service team, as they provide insight into such topics as:

  • Current state of field technician labor force
  • Profile of real-life millennial technicians – get inside the mind of tomorrow’s service agents
  • How to improve your technician recruiting, hiring, training and development
  • The real-world benefits of using a contingent technician workforce
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