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Fire And Life Safety And Security Industry

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The Fire and Life Safety and Security Systems industries are constantly changing with new regulations, compliance orders and advances in technology. The industry, which was worth an estimated $27.04 billion in 2016, is experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% heading towards 2022. New government regulations and the need to update outdated or non-compliant technology is requiring building owners and facilities managers to think about upgrading their fire alarm, security and fire suppression systems with the latest technology available.

Considering the nature of fire and life safety and security systems, which are designed to save lives, damage to property and theft, a well-maintained system is vital. According to National Fire Protection Association, $2 billion of property annually is lost due to fire. For field service organizations in those industries, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure those systems are operating at peak efficiency and that they remain compliant with government regulations. And when an upgrade is needed or a new building requires a fully installed fire and life safety and security system, the field service organizations needs the tools to handle the installation of new systems, the continuous maintenance of those systems, and the upgrades to outdated systems.

Where Does Field Service Management Software Come in?

In an industry that must have equipment and safety systems running at peak efficiency all the time, providing excellent service to these buildings and systems is a must. Fire and life systems must comply with government codes and security systems should be operational to avoid any harm during an emergency, theft or vandalism.

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