News | October 23, 2013

FieldAware Survey Reveals Insights Into Field Service Operations

Field Service Survey Highlights Efficiency and Productivity as Key Areas of Concern for Service Companies

FieldAware, a leading field service software company that drives business transformation field service businesses, recently announced the results of a survey conducted of more than 200 field service companies to gain valuable insight into the operational challenges faced by service companies and the key areas of focus for improving business processes.

The study was comprised of organizations where field service is a core component of the company’s business, and more than half of the companies employ greater than 50 field workers in their company. Of those surveyed, 68 percent said their technicians respond to at least three service calls a day. Additionally, the most common business process that the field workers were responsible for completing was time reporting, as indicated by 39 percent of respondents. Only 11 percent reported that custom processes, unique to the organization, were the most common.

While 43 percent of respondents reported an average work order value above $500, how they manage work orders varied among the group. Thirty-nine percent of companies reported using third party management software, while 27 percent use an original application and 22 percent still manage with paper-based forms and invoices.

According to the survey, efficiency ranked as the most common area of concern, with 58 percent of participants reporting the need to improve efficiency of their field process and field workers as one of their top three greatest concerns. Productivity of the field workers was a close second with 53 percent. However, many field service businesses are incorporating mobile technologies into their daily operations, with 61 percent reporting that their field service workers are currently using smartphones or tablets as a part of delivering service to their customers.

“The survey offered great insight into the key challenges service companies face as part of their daily operations and further confirmed business owners are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their field processes and workers,” said FieldAware Chief Marketing Officer Brendan Sullivan. “Communicating with field service companies in this manner provides us with a better understanding of their needs and expectations and, as a result, allows us to continue delivering technology solutions that meet their needs and help drive their businesses forward.”

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Source: FieldAware